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Physical Activity Pyramid

People of all ages enjoy physical activity. The benefits of sport are many; yet, aches, pains, and injuries are a risk. How can you minimize your down-time and risk of injury, so that you can participate in all of the fun activities you and your family enjoy? Here are some facts and tips:

Avoid temperature-caused injuries. When it's cold, bundle up. Likewise when it's hot, wear suitable clothing, and ensure you're properly hydrated. When feasible, consider working out in cooler conditions, such as moving a mid-day run to the morning. 

Wear proper equipment. Tennis shoes are not appropriate for basketball and running. In contact sports, be sure that protective equipment is worn at all times; and be sure it fits properly, especially with growing children. Even if your league doesn't require mouth guards or eye protection, forget about what's 'cool' and put on the goggles or whatever equipment that might save you pain and suffering later. 

Use and learn correct form. There's no substitute for pure grit and determination, but it has been said, 'Practice doesn't make perfect. PERFECT practice makes perfect.' Find a coach, or a peer group, that can guide you to your goals.

Trust the health care professionals and the experts in human performance. Doctors of chiropractic (DCs) are uniquely trained to analyze and optimize the function of the nervous system and the human frame and are excellent choices for athletes seeking to overcome injury, or preventing it in the first place. 

DCs work with collegiate teams, and most professional sports teams have official relationships with chiropractic physicians. When the world comes together at the Olympic Games, the nations also bring their officially credentialed DCs with them. 

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