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Protect Your Family


What can you do to protect your family from ever-rising costs of sickness, injury, and aging? Here are some facts and tips, courtesy of your doctor of chiropractic.

In our attempts to flee pain, Americans are actually making their problems worse. Modern medicine is a wonder, yet pain-killing medications (steroids, NSAIDS, acetaminophen/Tylenol, and others) can cause mild to severe problems with chronic or improper dosing. They may even interfere with the healing process.

Just like a cut takes time to heal, injuries and improper patterns take time to fully heal. Here's a quote from a patient: 'I felt so good after my adjustment, we went and played golf all day. Today, I can hardly move!' Remember that good results are the logical result of adherence to a well-considered plan.

Be patient. Pains and problems may surprise YOU… but they rarely surprise your chiropractor. Give your body time to respond, and open yourself to the possibility that your body can get in the 'habit' of feeling good… or even great.

Never be 'too busy' for health. Consider preventative health care an investment in yourself. That investment will literally pay off in cash as you may find yourself having fewer relapses, using less drugs and surgery, and missing less time from work.

Take charge of your health. Making the chiropractic wellness lifestyle the focus of your time, energy, and values can significantly decrease your family's health care costs for the coming year… and beyond. 

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