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Facts about stress:

Most common factors cited as sources of stress for Americans

3.Economic outlook

(American Psychological Association survey 2010)


Cortisol is the stress hormone:  is responsible to suppress our immune system

Elevates blood sugar

Impedes bone formation

(association with high cortisol in mothers during late pregnancy and lower IQs in their children at age 7 (Univeristy of California at San franscisco)


Part of our brain (primate hippocampus) which is central to learning and memory is damaged by long term exposure to cortisol

Illness rarely happens because an ailment attacks us from outside in.

Our bodies are full of bacteria and viruses on a daily basis.  Those of us who don’t express illness, have a higher resistance to these stressors. They have to ability to break these stressors down.

Research supports that the body’s breakdown occurs most easily when our resistance is lowered.  At that point, the symptoms escalate and it becomes evident that we are ill.  Once again, the stressors are not the problem, but our response to them – our lifestyle.  Our choices in posture, food, exercise, prayer. sleep and all the factors which can raise or lower our “resistance”.

Therefore, it is strengthening our resistance that should be our primary concern.  This, we can have a part in controlling.  We will never be able to control stress.  Let’s now take an oath to control the only things we are aloud to, our “factors for resistance”.


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