Sinus Season

Sinus problems
Often wondered why do I suffer!

Just remember there are numerous causes of sinus problems, and just taking a Mucinex / Claritin is not fixing the problem. Allergens such as pollen, ragweed, mold, and other airborne elements will attack everyone’s immune system. And the sinus cavities/channels of our bodies is like a mucus lined “gutter system.” There needs to be a series of things that need to happen in order for our bodies to fight off the symptoms of sinus problems.

First of all, we need to keep the forehead sinus cavity flowing to the nasal cavities, then to the back of your throat through the lymph glands and into the chest cavity. So you need to hydrate and take Vitamin C to ensure a moist environment and not to let these channels get “clogged” or congested. If mucus stays in an area, it is a “perfect storm” for an infection to occur. Now you have to hope your immune system can fight this condition.

This is where the most overlooked step happens. You need to make sure your nervous system is getting the proper connection to these cavities and channels to ensure that the correct messages from the brain are getting to them to control their proper function. The nervous system will control the amount of mucus to prevent this from getting out of hand, and if an infection is present, the body will create Eosinophil – a type of white blood cells to fight the infectious cells.

So taking antihistamines may give you temporary relief, but you are drying out these mucus-lined membranes that cover the cavities and channels, and the brain commands the body to make more mucus. Thus creating a vicious cycle, making you very dependent/addicted to taking these drugs.

I hope this will clear up any questions you have about why do I suffer, “why me.”

Sincerely yours,
Dr. Bill

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